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    Questionaire/survey script?

    My company would like some sort of Questionaire/survey script on their website with a award type of system for technicians that do work for customers. I am wondering if someone can recommend some sort of script or if I would have to get this custom made? Here is what I got in the email

    Webpage Anchor
    a. Every 90 days we will give away 1 of 3 systems, client choice (Security, CCTV, Universal Remote) via online registration.
    b. 3 sections to registration:
    - Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone, Email)
    - Customer survey (5 Questions, Comment field)
    - Referral leads (Areas of interest, Can we contact you?)
    c. All registrants will be able to print a "free key" coupon at end of registration.
    Any suggestions? They want this system before the end of October and i'm not sure if there are scripts already available like this or if i'd need to contact someone to get something made?
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    There are a few survey-type scripts floating around, but given the highly-specific nature of your requirements, these could really only serve as a starting point for a custom solution.

    FWIW, what you're asking for isn't terribly complicated to write; you'll have no problem finding someone and getting it done in time.

    Just be careful of creeping-featuritis!

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    there is on i used to do the same

    it's called UCCASS

    you can find it here:

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