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    Exclamation host having problems hosting country level tlds??

    hi all,
    i have a small budget reseller hosting account with and its been a smooth experince for the past 4-5 months i have been with them.

    A couple of months ago i added a country level TLD (.in) domain into the host. since then i find most of the times i find the .in not resolving (down) but the other domains hosted with the same reseller account works great.. do you think the host might have issues dealing with country level TLDs? please advice


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    I can't see how that would happen. I'd check the domain in question using to diagnose the error with a bit more detail.
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    Please let everyone know the domain so we can investigate a bit closer.
    There may be a misconfiguration issue or an unsync'd nameserver hiding somewhere..
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    would be glad to hear from you guys on this

    the time look up test in dnsstuff gives me a F, gets me worried

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    Hello, looks like your host has some underlieing issues with the way your nameservers have been created...

    the time look up test in dnsstuff gives me a F, gets me worried
    Some of the points used to calculate that score are as a result of this:

    "WARNING. The parent servers (I checked with are not providing glue for all your nameservers. This means that they are supplying the NS records (, but not supplying the A records (, which can cause slightly slower connections, and may cause incompatibilities with some non-RFC-compliant programs. This is perfectly acceptable behavior per the RFCs. This will usually occur if your DNS servers are not in the same TLD as your domain (for example, a DNS server of "" for the domain ""). In this case, you can speed up the connections slightly by having NS records that are in the same TLD as your domain."

    Not much you can do about this, as the domain is a .in and the nameservers are a different TLD

    the rest of the points are glue errors - associated with your nameservers. You should send your host a link to the reports for dnsreport above as well as the dns timing link for that domain, they should be able to correct this pretty quickly.

    If you have been with them for some time and you are happy with their service, i would certainly give them the chance to correct some of this for you.

    Hope this helps....

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    went to maxie host

    i have got back to maxie host support with this thread, lets see what they have to do


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