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    Arrow Strange Internet Problem.......


    For a start, thanks for opening this post in the first place...maybe you want to help or maybe you're just curious?

    I'm currently on Win2k, Internet Explorer 6.0 and my ISP is Tiscali (Broadband). Recently something very strange began happening...strange "disconnections." My ADSL program tells me I'm still connected, but I can't load anything new. This can happen if I'm trying to load a particularly large site, or if I open a new window.

    Even stranger.....On the occasion is does the above, but then continues to allow me to roam sites I am already using (and this isn't through Temporary Internet Files, I checked.)

    Now, I thought I was very computer literate but this has me totally stumped. Anyone know whats going on????? Anyone experienced this before????

    Thanks for anyone's help

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    Sounds like the dns server you use is going down. Try changing it to something else in the tcp/IP settings (prefered dns server). Here's one - and here's another

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    i have that same problem when I have LimeWire or Azerus open

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    Yeh DNS problem, happend before you just need to do what page-zone mentioned and tweak with your settings.
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    Call your ADSL provider and ask them if you have an Intermittent Sync issue.
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