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    Used car scam in action?

    I was browsing craigslist and I found a great deal for a car. I emailed the seller last night and he replied today with a rather well written email. I understand that it's probably a scam, but I'd like to know how in the hell he would pull it off (if I went through with the deal)

    My name is George Plast and I am glad you are interested in my listed on Craigslist.
    I want to let you know all the details of the transaction from the beginning
    to make everything clear.

    The only problem is that in the meanwhile I had to move with my family in
    Croatia where I got a new job as a construction engineer.
    I brought the car here with me with the intention of driving it but when I
    found out about all the restrictions regarding registration and emissions
    tests here I have made up my mind and decided to sell the vehicle back to
    The amount you will have to pay in order to own this vehicle is ...price... with
    shipping costs included! (shipping will take about 5 days).
    You will get the car to the nearest port in your area and then it will be
    trucked forward to your place.
    The most important thing in all my activity here is that I am affiliated
    with eBay where I have a purchase protection account for US $ 10,000. eBay
    is the insurer of this transaction by using a certified third party to
    insure that both parties comply to transaction requirements. The eBay team
    has inspected the car and all the papers and they are ready to ship it (or
    allow an inspection) ONLY to the person that makes the transfer of the money
    (...price...) to them in order to be secured. After eBay receives your payment
    confirmation, they will keep and secure it until you receive the car and
    test it for 3 days. If you decide to keep the car, eBay will send the money
    to me, if not they will send your money back. From the moment the car will
    be at your door you will be in contact with the agent from the shipping
    company in order to ship the car back if you are unsatisfied about it.
    (WITHOUT ANY COSTS). The car has only ...miles... miles.

    In order to notify eBay I will need buyer's full name and shipping address
    so I can open a transaction case and they will contact you for further
    details and instructions.I want a safe deal and I want to end this
    transaction through eBay.
    God Bless,
    George Plast
    Now, I don't know if eBay even offers this service, but if they would I be getting scammed? Very well written english, and asking to use an ebay escrow type service....can anyone please throw out ideas here?


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    I bait these types of scammers regularly for the purpose of getting their email accounts shut down. If you follow through you'll get a VERY official looking notice from "Ebay" telling you that the car was inspected and to send money to Ebay (via wire transfer) to complete this risk-free transaction.

    In reality the email of course isn't from Ebay and you'll never see a dime again. If this person has your real contact details (name and email address) stop communication at this point and take my word on what happens next
    If you have to operate your company behind the scenes or under a fake name, maybe it's time to leave the industry and start something fresh.

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    Oooh how exciting.....I've emailed him back because I'm 'very interested'

    Of course, it's just a gmail account that he's got, but....GAH I hate scammers..

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