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    Ruby on rails recommended shared hosting

    Hi everyone... I searched and searched and I am not any wiser...

    I am looking for the Ruby on rails shared hosting but would like to host somewhere where application will not crawl and MySQL does not take 5 seconds to respond. So that is why I am looking for personal feedback.

    Does anyone have any recommendations and personal experiences with their ROR apps on shared hosting?

    I am aware of textdrive-com so far and I am under impression that they would be very good ROR host. I would expect to pay up to $30/month.

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    Hello, and welcome to WHT. Ruby on rails is the new 'up and coming' development atmosphere, these two hosts are quite reliable when it comes to ROR. From. I have used textdrive before, and they have been quite solid.
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    ASO ( ) uses ROR, there are MANY great reviews about them!

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    The key point for responsive rails hosting in a shared environment is NOT using Apache. You will want to look at using either a lighttpd or mongrel based system proxied behind an apache instance, which become so much more responsive than plain Apache, even with fastcgi.

    I've used a lighttpd setup on textdrive and found it to be fast, but it did have the odd reliability issue, just make sure you have scripts in place to keep the app up, and reboot it if necessary. Mongrel is an up and coming technology that is extremely responsive and the last few bugs are being ironed out.

    I've also used rails at Site5 under apache, which was hell. The server was slow, even when under a light load rails didn't perform well.

    P.S. I've purposefully hidden my signature here to avoid a conflict of interest.

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    Do a search for Ah-Tina in the member list. I can't recall her company but they offer ROR on all plans and she has a good reputation (jeez I hate recommending the competition )

    Found it, it's
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    Thank you so much guys! Yep, been aware of the planetargon guys, but was little afraid to go with them since they are much smaller outfit and hosting does not seem to be their focus (I might be wrong there but that is the impression from browsing their web site).

    If anyone has any other suggestions please post. I am very interested to hear recommendations from people that actually have ROR apps running. I would just like to save myself trouble of switching hosts and don' t mind paying more for good hosting.

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