We have a user base of 15-25 years olds studying at School, College and University.

We have over 118,000 Posts, an average of around 450 People Online (Includes Members and Guests) at any one time and roughly 250,000 Page Views a Month (according to Google Analytics).

We offer 1 month Text links for $2 each, they contain upto 3 words and are placed at the bottom of ever page across the site (even the member profiles).

We also have 3 "Sponsored" Text Links available which are placed just to the right of the Main Banner and are viewable across every page of the site near the top. Sponsored Banners are also placed on my Personal site (www.ShaneRounce.com).

We have the following banners available right now:(All banners are static!)
  1. Site banner (Bottom of Forum Index Page and across most other pages on the site) - $16
  2. Thread Banner (Randomly Placed between Posts on EVERY page of EVERY thread across the whole of the Forums) - $32

All Payments must be sent via Paypal.

Regular Text link payments can be sent straight away, simply include your Link Details and Contact Email address in with the details setion of the payment. (Paypal payments are to be made to: [email protected])

Banners and Sponsored links must be pre-arranged since they are static and once bought are longer available.

Please PM me or email me ([email protected]) with any enquiries.