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    Looking to buy Vector Icons

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for some people who can make High Quality Vector Icons. I am looking to (preferably, but not essentially), buy some pre-made Vector Icons from said person(s) which suit my needs, and everything else I need, will be handed over in a list to the Designer(s), to draw up for me.

    I am looking for people who can draw 3D Network Hardware, keep it clean and professional, but still fairly detailed so that you know what it is. If you feel you fill the above description, leave me a link to your portfolio, a rough pricing guide for Custom Vector Icons (single and bulk purchase prices).

    Please note:


    I have had many people just adding me, and then trying to sell me services which I am not interested in. If I want to speak to you over Instant Messenger, then I will tell you.

    Cheers guys!
    MSN - developer (at)
    AIM - dogbertuk2000
    YIM - dogbertuk2000

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    I have some icons for sale, never been sold before, you can take em for $50. Here's a preview:

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    Hi tammyhart,

    As mentioned in my Original Post, I am after 3D Network Hardware.

    MSN - developer (at)
    AIM - dogbertuk2000
    YIM - dogbertuk2000

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