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    I have a few sites on a VPS but decided that really it is to much for my needs, so I thought I would see what sort of plan I could get on a reseller account.

    All users on my sites are based in the UK so preferably wanted a host in the UK but from previous experience UK hosting is extremely expensive compared to the US but I managed to come across

    I fired an email to sales with a few questions and promptly got an email back answering all my questions.

    With this I decided to sign up to give them a try.

    The account was instantly setup and 5 minutes later get a Email from Dan welcoming me aboard.

    My VPS is currently running Cpanel but Goscomb use DA. On their site they mention being able to restore Cpanel backups to DA. I backup one of my accounts on my VPS to my Goscomb reseller account, email support and within a few minutes my Cpanel backup is now ready to restore into DA. Very impressed.

    I have emailed support a few times and 90% of the time get a friendly reply within 10 minutes and the most I have had to wait is 30 minutes.

    The server is not the biggest spec I have seen but load is very low (highest seen is 0.5) and speed is VERY VERY FAST to the UK.

    The only site I have moved across so far is but if things carry on the way they are I am more than likely going to move the rest of my sites over in the next few days.

    I think I have stumbled across a gem here and will write a 1 month review.

    At the moment you can get 10% off with this code WHT10PERC and also get double storage space.

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    Why does this come off as an advertisement?

    P.S We need more 'I just got setup' reviews on this forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie
    Why does this come off as an advertisement?

    P.S We need more 'I just got setup' reviews on this forum.
    ??? How does this come across as an advertisement?? I have given you a link to one of the sites I host? My main site which I will be moving over shortly ( is still hosted on my VPS. My VPS provider at the moment is who I cannot fault in anyway. Support there was excellent and speed from the US to UK was also excellent it is just more than I needed.

    All I hear is people saying that customers never report on good experience only bad, so here I am giving a review of a host who so far has been excellent.

    Next time I will keep quite and only every comment when I get mugged over by a host

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    I look forward to tomorrow's review.

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