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    Thumbs up Effective and cost-efficient logo design - READ ON!

    Hello. My name is Tyler Lombardi. I am a freelance designer with experience in graphic design, animation, web design, and drawing.

    I am looking for clients in need of logos for professional and personal use.

    Contact me ASAP with ALL details that you need me to know in order to complete your design within 1-2 business days. Logos range from $15-25 per design depending on number of colors used, size of image, and number of revisions we agree upon.

    I will design your logo and demonstrate it to you watermarked. We will negotiate changes via Email or AIM.

    I prefer contact via AOL Instant Messenger because I am always on it and it provides the most time-efficient communication. NO PM's! I WILL NOT RESPOND TO ANY PRIVATE MESSAGES THROUGH THIS FORUM.

    Please reach me ASAP on AIM and/or Email:

    AIM: Tyler P Lombardi
    Email: [email protected]

    Thanks a lot,

    Tyler Lombardi

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    I added you to my buddy list on AIM, but you're not online...

    I'll try again tomorrow, then that's it. :-P
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