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    looking for a server reseller please help

    Hi i am looking for a server reseller i want that offer 25% or 15% disscounts and that has LEASE TO OWN OR RENT TO OWN PLANS where if i keep the server for 12 months i will own the sever please help i need this quick Thank You James

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    The only company that I can remember that had/has such a lease to own plan was EZZI.NET...but they were acquired awhile back, so not sure if they still have that feature---check out their site for yourself:

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    lease to own servers in usa, europe or asia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkink
    lease to own servers in usa, europe or asia?
    hi i want then in the usa

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    Ezzi doesn't do that anymore. Not sure where you can get those in Asia though. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    EZZI does do it, Look in the reseller section

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    anyone i really need this quick

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    You might be better off leasing from Dell or who ever and sending it to the Data Center. Most Dedicated Servers providers will not offer this option (s) because if it is a lease/rent service they are providing than they have local Tax issues to comply with.

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    Small and (bacuse of that) responsive companies who own their data centers may want to do that. Surprised that no any sigle incoraging responses to OP
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