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    Thumbs up Quality Colo and Bandwith for $99 per 1 Mbs! (non cogent)


    Defender Hosting just signed a large deal for more space and network capacity with our partner data center, and I'd like to blow it out at special prices for the WHT community.

    The deal:

    Colo for $99 per Mbs of quality bandwidth. No charge for 1u/2u or mini-tower systems.

    For customers that sign-up with us by this Sunday (June 16th) we will do the following: For every 3 months you stay with DTG we will give you the 4th month for *FREE*.

    The details:

    Send us your 1U/2U or mini-tower server, and we will put it on a 10/100Mbs dedicated switch port and give you 1Mbs (around 320Gb) of bandwidth for $99!

    Remote reboot via APC switches is an extra $15 per month per port.

    We can install Plesk 2.5 and support it on YOUR server for the following rates:

    $15 per month for a 30 domain key
    $30 per month for a 100 domain key
    $40 per month for a 300 domain key
    $45 per month for a 500 domain key
    $55 per month for 1 unlimited domains key

    That's $99 per Mbs of quality non-Cogent bandwidth!

    Tech details:

    Bandwidth is billed at actual in/out transfer rates, not 95%.

    Yes, you can burst up to 100Mbs.

    Remote reboot available via our 7x24 800 #. If you select the APC option, you can do your own remote reboots.

    Remote hands/eyes available for $85 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge.

    Realtime MRTG and totalizer stats available 7x24, on-line ticket system, email and phone support, etc.

    Bandwidth is on a nationwide OC3/12 network with OC48 around the Northern VA, DC, MD area with *OVER* 60+ peering partners both public and private.

    You can traceroute to and test download speed at

    Do you need more bandwidth? A half or full rack? 5, 10, 50, 100Mbs? We can custom quote any requests, please email [email protected] with your needs.

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    nice offer and very nice speeds from that test file!
    (around 600kb/s from europe!) very good!
    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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