Hello WHT,

Full management by in house technicians
Fully system backups included (daily, weekly, monthly)
Real time usage, remote reboot and online invoicing
Super fast and redundant BGP networking
Guaranteed network speeds, no shared or oversold plans

Supported Software:
Redhat Enterprise *
Zimbra Mail server
VHCS Control Panel
Direct Admin Control Panel
cPanel *
H-Sphere Web Hosting Cluster
.. and more! Contact sales.

100M dedicated network
Single CPU (3.0 P4)
1024M DDR
80G Disk
100M Dedicated line $1365/mo Setup waived

Entry Level
Single CPU
1024M DDR
80G Disk
300G $149/mo Setup Waived

Advanced Level
Dual CPU (2.4-2.8)
2048M DDR
120G SATA/36G SCSI (contact sales)
300G $225/mo Setup Waived

Contact [email protected] or toll free 888.427.5442 x 84