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    Lightbulb Ikon Board installations on a single VPS

    I have a client that's wanting to install multiple Ikon Board installations on his VPS. He wants to host approx 25 diffeirent domains, each with their own installation.

    His current VPS is 10 gigs space/256 RAM and 300 bandwidth. Bandwidth isnt an issue, as all the sites will have virtually zero traffic initially, and probably for a while. I'm more concerned with the server load of the "empty" installations. Of course as the forums gain traffic, he'd be required to either move to a dedicated box (or multiple boxes) and/or order additional VPS's

    I'd be interested in anyone's feedback on what they think a realistic limit is, for a single vps.


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    "Empty" forums don't cause server load. Busy forums do. If he'll transfer busy forums to new hardware, I don't see a problem.

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