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    * Directory of dedicated servers, game servers and VPS - Hosting companies read this!

    List your server at!

    What does your current marketing campaign look like? Participating in expensive Pay Per Click programs? Not happy with your ROI%? Why not try! is a directory for dedicated servers, gaming servers, and virtual private servers (VPS). Our visitors are highly targetted shoppers looking for your product!

    - How does it work?

    You purchase credits and use the credits to bid on the top spots for the related category. You can add as many servers as you like, set different bid prices on each, and it even gives you an option to enter coupon codes if you wish to give potential customers discounts.

    - Why should I choose over other Pay Per Click programs?

    Here are a few points to think about:
    • Visitors to our website are highly targetted. Simply by visiting our front page, you know that they must have followed a related link to get here in the first place. In effect, it's like we've provided the first "filtering" of visitors to leave you with the traffic that you really want.
    • All of the listed servers are rotated randomly under the "Random Server" section at no cost to you. Front page exposure for free!
    • Visitors are encouraged to use the search function to receive results based on their criteria. This helps to achieve higher conversion rates because the results that visitors see match exactly what they are looking for.

    - How do I sign up?

    Simply visit and create an account. Fund your account by purchasing credits and start listing your servers!

    For Promotion - Beta testing phase

    ServerInn is currently operating in beta testing phase. During this 1st beta phase, which will last around 15 days, we are offering the opportunity to sign up and receive 500 credits worth $45. After this is finished and the site goes to 2nd (final) stage of testing you will receive another bonus of 500 credits!

    To qualify for this special introductory offer, we will require that:
    • Your business has at least 3 server plans and you list each one of them on
    • You provide feedback on our website. Usability, design, bugs etc.

    That's it, nothing more!

    To participate in this introductory offer, register at, list all your server plans and send us a PM with your account username and we will add credits to your account.

    Thanks for reading.

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    This means that you can get 1000 potentional clients for FREE during this promotional period without any further obligation!

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