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    Reseller Hosting with Live Chat End-User Support! Innovative Shared VPS Technology!

    Hi! Greetings!
    Welcome to the Worry-Free Hosting Paradise – Veggie Host (

    We have recently introduced a revolutionary and new type of hosting serviced called Shared VPS Hosting. We basically divide our servers into different Virtual Private Servers, and your account will be hosted on one of these VPS with no more than 5 resellers. Each one of these VPS server is completely isolated from each other. It’s like sharing a server with only 5 other resellers.

    Compare to a typical reseller server stuffed with hundreds of accounts, our service largely increased isolation of your sites, thus largely decrease the chance of having your website being affected by other resource hogging sites on the same server. This ensures the unmatchable speed and reliability that we will be able to provide to you.

    Veggie Hosting has designed its hosting service with a goal in mind. That is to let our resellers to relax on the beaches, have some fun, and enjoy life, instead of worrying about customers all day.

    We will provide complete anonymous support to all of your customers under your company’s name through Live Chat and Ticket Desk. This means you could have a full dedicated team of people, working for you 24/7 to support your customers, while paying the same fee as a normal reseller hosting account.

    Whether you are a hosting reseller who is looking for a stable and reliable hosting company, or a graphic designer trying to find a host for all your clients, we are here to satisfy you needs, and help you to give your customers a perfect impression.

    Feel free to visit our website here: for plans, details and pricing

    If you have any questions or need custom pricing, feel free to contact our smiley and friendly representatives at [email protected] anytime

    Have a beautiful day!
    Veggie Team.

    A Fun game for Resellers to get Discounts:
    We have 10 questions here, if you could find answers to one of the questions, post it here, or email us, we’ll give you 20% off on all of our plans for lifetime 1 question per person only. Questions are not valid if it’s already answered. Remember, if you can’t use the discount, you could sell it or give the 20% off to someone else

    1. Who made the largest single e-commerce transaction ever made? And what is the item in exchange?
    2. Who is the highest earning TV actress? And how much did she make?
    3. What is the world’s smallest advertisement ever made? And what was it posted it on?
    4. What and when is the Most Goals Scored in an NHL Season (Hockey)?
    5. What is world’s largest mammal?
    6. What is the fastest selling album by a female artist?
    7. What is the planet in our solar system with the shortest day? And how long does it take for it to spin once?
    8. Who has the largest banana collections in the world?
    9. What are the three main benefits of our service?
    10. How heavy is the world’s heaviest pumpkin? And Who presented it?

    Interesting Quotes:
    Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

    The Veggie Team.

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    I just wanted to let you know you sell "tempaltes" in your big image.
    hi there!

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    thank you very much for pointing that out amygdela It's our mistake, we have changed it now
    Have a beautiful day!

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    Just an update, we have added a Baby Plans Section, prices starting from $9.95/month!

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