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    Selling 2 BIG potential WebSites =D

    Hi! At our company we make and sell high-potential websites, perfect and easy to use. I have currently 2 websites that are developed and ready to start winning big revenues!

    1.- -> Online E-Store!

    This only store uses Big Fat Download Shop Script to work. It integrates with some (if not all) of the major online payments (Paypal, Stormpay, etc)
    How can you win money? This site comes with just a field to integrate google adsense, you can sell digital goods (MP3, Games, Files, eBooks) at the price you want (customers can only download one time, so no passing the download to friends) customers get their download right after payment (site includes over 70 products with resell rights!), and/or by the built-in system for cellphone products selling (RingTones, Games, Wallpapers).

    Starting Bid -> $50 USD

    2.- -> Quality free cPanel hosting!

    This site is SMF powered. A free cpanel hosting with included members, forum database (posts, topics) and the staff can be changed or kept (1 Admin, 3 Support, 1 Moderator). The forums are fully modded to be integrated to win money: You wont find this ANYWHERE else! Special Feature: Support system custom integrated within forum: Forum Members can see if support is online/offline right from the forums headers! Support system can also track referals, and other statistics. (Help Center Live)
    How can you win money? How can you not???

    1.-Paid Forum Subscriptions, prices can be changed, moves one forum member to another member group (Example: VIP )

    2.-Global Headers and Footers, the best feature! Insert HTML into boards header/footer. Integrate Google adsense, banners, code, and more! The limit is your imagination!

    3.-Paid Plans, which can be modified to your likes!

    The site will include, remember, the modified-to-business forum, members, staff and accounts. After that, owner will decide to create/change hosting plans (ej. post2host, ad-supported, etc...) & the domain ( registered with Godaddy in May 2006

    Exactly 66 Free hosting accounts, with use of disk space about 3300 MB, approx (Almost all accounts are 50 MB space each, except upgraded ones with posts). All the data of suspended, terminated and upgraded accounts is there. You can change all plans (free and paid) after purchase if you like. If you decide to post an offer, you wont regret, this site is more of what you can ask. Remember,is completely developed

    Starting Bid -> $100 USD

    Both sites are highly advertised, SEOed and added to all the major and minor search engines worldwide!

    These are the sites, PM me for more information or any offers. These sites you wont find anywhere else, with just a little push and your customization, you can earn the most money out of them! Thank you for reading this

    This Ad is also in FreeWebSpace.Net. Bidding has no ending limit, as for now, its until i get a good offer

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    Sorry to double post, but the following changes have been made:

    Lowered asking price to $80 USD
    See user rating (10/10!) here:

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