This is what I need:

First batch would be for the same store, and all colors need to coincide with each other.
This is for a children's colthing store. We need the following for this store individually.
-Skin for CubeCart or OS Commerce.
-Skin for a myspace page.
-Skin for ebay item listings.
Colors can be found here:

Second batch I need is one website:
This is for a DJ entertainment group. Basically they want is the following;
-Flash and HTML Part (so basically you can choose at the index between the two)
-Blog Page
-Gallery Page
-Videos Page
-The thing is, the person doesn't know anything about web design, so a user friendly control panel is necessary. (This would be for posting pictures, videos and blogs)
-Contact page, to book them..... these will be sent to a specific email address.
-Logo is on the way, as well as colors.....

I will need people to do either batch or both. Give me a price, for either batch one or two... not together. Also for the first batch, I'd need a price out for every type of skin.

I will want a portfolio.

Please email me at azncreazion at gmail dot com