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    Developer Required For Immediate Project - Cash Waiting. Prospects included.

    Dear viewers,

    What I require.

    I need a template (view) built in valid/compliant HTML/CSS. Including all pages, as followed: Overview, Approach, Services, Case Studies, Partners, Support all linked via the main navigation.

    Support form, As followed.

    *Fore Name:

    *E-mail Address:
    URL Web Site:

    *Telephone Number:

    *Nature Of Inquiry: (Drop down menu, including: Sales, Billing, Technical Support, Business, Other)
    *Urgency Of Inquiry: (Drop down menu, including: Low, Medium, High)

    The form then needs to forward to a thank you for your inquiry page within the Bamboo Development template.

    PHP BB forum needs customising in colour to match the current Bamboo Development template and also needs branding with the Bamboo Development logo.

    Please add your price, and portfolio to this thread, along with specific contact details like your name, e-mail address and possibly your MSN address.

    Any one with questions should fire away publically. Please do not send Private Messages.

    Those without portfolios need not apply.

    Many thanks,

    Matt Churchward,
    Bamboo Development.

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    We are very much interested in your project. Our estimated price for the project is US$ 720 and we can finish this project in 12 business working days. If you feel that you need a lower price solution kindly let us know so that we can always try to fit this within your budget. We have well experienced team of programmers and designers to work to your satisfaction. We would like to work with your project. We assure to you that you will not be disappointed with the quality of our work if you award us the project.

    Please find our sample websites at

    Please find our design works at

    We will certainly provide our best service to you. We are ready to initiate this work right now. Please feel free to contact us on our 24/7 online customer assistance for your clarifications. We are eagerly looking forward to hear a positive reply.

    Please feel free to contact at :
    YAHOO :
    [email protected]
    MSN : [email protected]
    AIM : steve gantssoft

    Thanks and Regards,

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    A budget is not avaliable. We will hire the best price, next to the best portfolio.

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    I'm Interested and I prefer not to disclose my price nor my contact information via a public forum. Please contact me via pm or im if your interested in seeing my work.


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    If i'm correct you need
    - design for subpages (i hope you have you current in PSD format)
    - code everything to HTML
    - add some form, which will send email+say if everything OK (PHP)
    - create header design for phpBB, as well as whole forum (some basic design like colors+fonts)

    If yes, than my price is $400,
    time - design 2-3 days,
    coding/testing/uploading to your server and testing there - 2 days

    feel free to contact me via MSN:[email protected]
    here's portfolio of our team: my designer homepage

    there are some big projects i can't show there - but i can show them in private

    Note: price assumes you allow us to put your project to our public portfolio

    Best Regards

    p.s. we can also do SEO for you, as well as site registration and promoting - full report will be given of what we 've done

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    We can provide the following for $250

    * Slicing and coding the template
    * Adding navigation and subpages
    * Custom phpbb color scheme and logo
    * Form2Email script (either coded in Perl/CGI or using formmail clone script already available on cpanel and other servers)

    Some examples of my work

    I have others I can provide links to that I can not post on a public forum. I can also provide references from current and past clients.

    You can contact me by the following methods:
    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: ryanpq1
    MSN: [email protected]
    Yahoo: ryanpq

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    I would do it for $200. I didnt include that in my post.

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    I'm interested in this project - I believe I'm fully qualified and can delivery more than satisfactory work - however I also do not want to disclose pricing, portfolio, or contact info publicly.

    If possible I'd like to send the required information via PM or email. Please let me know which of these avenues you prefer. If you absolutely require the information on this thread, unfortunately I can't comply and hope you find a suitable developer.

    Also, do you have the subpage templates for the pages you listed (in addition to the screenshot of what looks like the main page) or do you need these pages designed?


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