Hey guys,

I'd like to keep this Windows related at this stage, however, I do realise it does involve Linux. In saying that I mean, I'm looking at providing Windows managed services so it's Windows specific. I.E: I can't change the kernal to improve security etc.

Anyway, I'm looking at pricing / service also on plans. I.E $30 / month = 10 tickets or $100 month for unlimited support etc.

How much would you guys charge for:
Windows installation, the use of IPsec, firewall settings, monitoring software (all custom software)

Setting up Control panels, Windows/software updates etc, DNS setup / monitoring, Email / FTP monitoring / installation, setting up file and maintaining permissions, using IIS, Database Optimization such as MSSQL, MySQL, installing scripts / other software they request

Port filtering / management, making sure there programs aren't blocked according to whatever their doing yada yada.

Back up service (externally and internally)

So basically, I and the owner of the server get root access to the server. I'll have logging softare operational and keeping backups at real time should anything go wrong.

Feel free to add to the list.