Starting with 21 August 2006, 4PSA VoipNow, the first VoIP control panel for small and medium ISP / HSP business can be leased. The leasing prices are available below:

10 extensions license - 29 USD
50 extensions license - 49 USD
100 extensions license - 59 USD
300 extensions license - 79 USD
unlimited extensions license - 95USD

Discounts apply for more than a license. If you want to order a leased license you must contact sales AT

4PSA has SPECIAL opportunities for Data Centers and server hosting companies (volume licensing). 4PSA VoipNow Virtuozzo templates are compatible with Virtuozzo 2.6.2 or newer versions and HSPcomplete 3.2 or newer versions, making system deployment very easy.

Online demo

You can browse the 4PSA VoipNow 1.2 online demo at:

Free trial

If you want to try 4PSA VoipNow, do not hesitate to check the installation instructions:

You can use the product as long as you want with one extension.

Do not hesitate to contact sales AT if you have any question.