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    Angry Brontok Virus, Any solution so far?

    Looking at a previous virus named "Brontok", originated from Asian creator. For the time being, and for as far as i know, there are few solutions for Brontok remover or cure. Problem is some remover are a spyware or virus itself and some Anti-Virus can only detect this virus but was unable to clear it, eventhough it mentioned, deleted.

    Brontok Virus create numerous, duplicate directories or folders and filenames, and if you try deleting it manually, it will create back at once. It will be forever deleting to a never ending of deletion.

    PC System which infected with this brontok virus, you be experiencing things like, unable to regedit, nor you can delete folders.

    Does anyone can share some experience on clearing this virus? Or have some clue where to download a removal tools or Anti-virus software that can really clear this virus?

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    Either put the hard drive into a different machine as a slave and clean the virus from the other computer or use the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. Viruses that are well written will integrate themselves into Windows so tightly that there is no way to remove it by booting into the infected Windows installation.

    If the above two options are an issue you could try to install Windows into a different directory on your computer. Then boot off this new clean install, remove the virus, and then boot back into your normal installation.
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    Run HijackThis and click Do a system scan and save a log file
    Your HijackThis log will open in Notepad. Post the contents of the log here

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