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    Lightbulb Cheapest cPanel external VPS license?

    Where can I get them other than FS?

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    FastServers is the cheapest place right now to get cPanel VPS licenses without going directly to cPanel.
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    Well...I have looked into other options...and there are not many. Fastservers is the only one I am aware of with external licenses...unless you want to go to Cpanel and pay for a yearly or permanent license. Leases directly are more than double what fastservers charges. The only break is to partners..and the volume commit is more than I will be able to deal with for many moons..ouch.

    I'm trying to encourage people not to put cpanel on VPs' is just so really does not make much sense. Need a test license?
    Those are free...and good for 14 least that option is available.


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    i'm planning to go with DA instead.. better pricing + lesser system resources.

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