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    * Transfering to a New Server! Help needed.

    I am having a reseller account with Lypha.

    Since Past One month My resold users are experiencing Temporary Issues on cPanel and mail almost Daily.

    I contacted the Support and asked whethere there is any huge load happened on their server.

    I also mentioned about Transfering my account to another server.

    They responded to me to request the Billing Section to Transfer my account to one of their New Server which has less user account

    He Said: This is a new one with updated kernel and fewer accounts with good cpu and hardware.

    What are the Advantages and Disadvangtes of Transfering my existing account to a New Server?

    Would you guys comment?

    Which Host is Perfect?

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    Disadvantage; all the work in transfering the data - although it depends on you CP.
    Advantage; as long as they don't overdo the amount of users you should be happy with a fresh machine with not so many customers being served there.
    -Mr Bister

  3. If you are experiancing downtime you would be better off on another server and it may be worth the transfer.

    With that said. If this provider overloaded their previous server it is likely they will overload this one as well.

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