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    Has anyone used the smart hosting tools control panel? I am intrested in buying it but I want to make sure it is the best thing to do. the URL is It looks like nice software but I could not get into the admin demo today.

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    Do a search on them. something should deffiniately come up.
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    Talking Sphera

    Have you looked at - it looks to be more robust and cheaper too. There are admin functions at each level (Admin, Reseller, End User) and its a very advanced solution.

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    Angry Not what I expected

    I ordered this software weeks ago -- paid 800 dollars ... I loved the interface and couldnt wait to get it working. But, days went by -- and they still werent helping me install it. They said they were going to install it themselves. Then, after more days, I sent them a letter -- FURIOUS ... I couldn't believe that I spent so much money and this is what I was getting. They said they were having problems with their install program but it will be installed by Thursday definitely. I was like -- cant you install it manually?? When I originally purchased it I assured them time was of the essence ..... they said they would try. I haven't heard from them since. Thursday has long come and gone. They never reply to my e-mails, never do a damn thing. Although it appears they didn't charge my credit card -- I cannot believe how they treated me as a customer.

    Since, I have gone to Plesk. I was warned by others that the SmartHostingTools software was in its first release and still a little buggy--- I think it has DEFINITE potential, but I am a lil scared of it right now.

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    I would like to clarify that his credit card was never charged. (we don't charge anthing before successfull installation)

    Yes, we had several problems with the installation program, these should be all solved this week. This also allowed us to test the software even better and to remove any bugs found.

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    Thumbs down HA!

    HA!! Now I am extremely amused!! You take the time to defend yourself on this service, but NEVER take the time to respond to my ENDLESS e-mails -- or MESSAGES I leave on your answering service?!? You wont as much as keep me posted as what is going on. Do you know what kind of a situation you left me in? I had to have that service up immediately, you guys promised me it would be .... and I was left with nothing. And worst of all, I didn't go and find another service -- Cause I was counting on you guys. I just waited and waited and waited ...... and have ruined with my reputation with countless customers. I wish you would e-mail me at [email protected]. I don't mean to be offenseive, but just wish I could express the harm you have cause to my company.

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    Resolving the problem off this board. Expect an email soon.

    I know that it does not rectify our lack replies, however we were hesitant to release a product that was not yet fully tested.

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    Angry He is right!

    I have emailed you as well about buying it with some questions. I have not gotten a responce. I can see that this is not a problem with one person. I am not going to spend $850 when you do not even have the time to reply to my email. I am going to move into a server this week. If you do not contact me, I will go with my second option, Plesk and I do not have a problem doing that. I suggest you contact me today if you are truly intrested in having me as a client, using your control panel.

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    Wow, seems I'm getting seriously attacked by customers who really want our software We were and still are getting overwhelmed by requests, we simply didn't have enough manpower to answer all requests as soon as we wanted.

    This week we have added another programmer to our team, which will really help speeding things up and we will also be able to provide better technical support to our customers.

    User Everyone, I replied to your email today, if you have not received it, let me know and I will send it again.

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    Hmm a third post..... Id kick the guy.. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    stop this maketing of a.chaplin

    stop this non sence of marketing of sphera
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    Glad I saw this, I was looking into this control panel for a while and the email responses were about 50% so I was sceptical. I will wait a while and see what happens before I think about buying again.

    P.S. , I tried the demo of Sphera, and really wasn't that impressed. It does have the different levels, but I did not see a billing function, account set up, shopping cart and really the interface was not too user friendly. Just my $.02

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    Sphera comes with Miva Merchant and Miva Empressa. There is no automated billing function but, it does have a billing tracking, in april we (Pegasus) will be providing rodopi free with sphera. Account setup is all point and click. But granted the Interface needs work, that will be fixed in the next release later in march.

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    Just to clear things up ... I STILL do recommend this software package. Good e-mail support or not ... this package is a winner. I guess the lag to email was just because they were setting things up for the first time and in my eyes that still is no excuse -- but regardless ... I still like this suite and its potential and capabilities. Bokesoft did contact me via email as he said he would AFTER I posted here and it would seem we are working something out ---

    Basically if anyone does use this software on their OWN server -- please let us know how it is. Cause I see it and even though I am SOOO PISSED at times... I still think it is a great product with amazing potential.

    Does anyone agree?

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