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    Hosting-Q New Look-- Problems?

    I have just released a new template for Hosting-Q and the associated blog. Had several work arounds to implement for various browsers, any and all feedback welcome.


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    Maybe take off the XHTML/CSS if you don't wish to follow it?
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    Thanks Layer-- Yes, I had to abandon validation issues.


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    From the looks of it, if you want to validate it, just at the forward slashes on to the end of some of the items. Also the design looks good although you may wish to add a little more colour.

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    Thanks redihot-- I played around with a bit of color and it did not look right. Guess I will have to ask an expert.


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    Also, redo the order and the check mark, they look too noisy, the color is uneven, like You sharpened a smaller pic, remake those two definately


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    I did sharpen a smaller image. I am not sure why I could not get the gif to export the way it showed up inside ImageComposer-- I had the transparency threshold set to 0... I tried several times. Maybe it was the algorithm.

    I do wish png transparency worked with IE6 browsers. It would solve so many of my problems. I love the graphics software and do not wish to switch.


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