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    which forum board?


    I am struggling to pick a forum board - there are so many out there I was wondering if anyone could recommend one.

    I would like it to be free and reasonable easy to use and theme.

    i have already tried punbb and mybb and both are ok but wondered if there were anymore.



    p.s. i don't like phpbb, i think it makes your site look common and puts people off.

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    I've used mybb and phpbb and I like them both.
    Would you go with a premodded phpbb package? phpbbxs ( ) is great!

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    If you can do without pre-modded packages then you should. If you use one and a hacker finds an exploit for that one package, then everyone using that package will be in danger of being hacked. A lot of exploit searchers do not look for exploits that only affect ONE website but ones that affect as many as possible, which is why they look at those packages.

    I have used phpbb in the past and can tell you it is great once you know how to get things like you want to. I never used mybb so I can't say if phpbb is better or not, just keep phpbb updated with new versions as they come out as the updates usually patch security holes.

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    simplemachines; free alternative to vb/ipb, which means its great!

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    I like punbb

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