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    How much power do I need?


    I'm interested in getting a VPS account once my shared hosting runs out. The only problem is that I'm not really sure how much power I will need to run all of my sites... here's what I want to host:
    • Invision forum with a max. of about 20 users on at any one time. 80k posts and 300 members.
    • 20 other smaller domains that shouldn't be too hard to run.
    • Currently using 1GB of space and 10GB of bandwidth a month. Obviously I need room to expand.
    • I would like to run a small IRC server on the VPS for roughly 20 people.
    • I would also like the possibility of running a public proxy server, though this is not going to be a deciding factor.
    How much RAM and CPU do you think this will need? I don't plan on running much in the way of a control panel (I might put on webmin), I just want a really basic setup for as cheap as possible (but not rubbish!).



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    Hi DoubleVision,

    You need only ;

    P4 3.0 ( or AMD 3100+ ) CPU
    512 Ram
    Need disc ( 10 GB to 20 GB )
    and a good company for VPS

    I think like as this server about 39-49 $.


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    Proxy websites (not servers per say) need a lot of processing power and aren't suitable for VPS. The other bits are. If you look at a 256MB VPS with IRC allowed I think you should be ok especially if just command line/webmin only
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    The IRC requirement will narrow your field of possible vendors. Hosts try to avoid IRC, because it has a history of attracting complications.

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    Hmm... sounds like I might as well go for a cheap dedication machine then. Any suggestions?

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    colo4jax comes to mind first. I belive they allow irc and sell dedicated servers.

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    Have a look at:

    Had a few downtimes with them but that was due to the data center having a power failure and out of there control. I also know how hard it is to find a VPS provider for IRC hosting!

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    I think you need a 512 mb memory based vps

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