Currently after noticing the outragious prices offered by other Paid Post sites I have decided to create my own. I have joined with a few friends and their friends to provide the cheapest and most reliable Paid Posting service. We study the theme of your forum so we can decide on what topics to post to help the inflow of members to your site. Also in our packages we provide some members, to allow for your guests to see that your forum is active and is a worth while. We don't currently have a website but are hopeing to get testimonials for our above standard Paid Posts. Here are our current plans:

+ Small Post Plan +
- 30 Posts*
- 10 New Threads*
- 3 Members**
$15 USD***

+ Medium Post Plan +
- 100 Posts*
- 28 New Threads*
- 10 New Members**
$40 USD***

+ Large Post Plan +
- 200 Posts*
- 60 New Threads*
- 20 New Members**
$70 USD***

If you have any further questions please PM me and I will answer as soon as I am free. Also we ask that all our clients leave a testimonial to help us with our efforts of supplying the best Paid Posts at the cheapest prices.

* Threads don't count as posts, so if we post a thread for the small plan you will still get 30 quality posts.

** The new members include those that are posting the threads/posts.

*** All payments are via PayPal.