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    iam looking for just database (mySQL) hosting..

    iam looking for just database (mySQL) hosting..

    any ideas where i can find one? i dont need web hosting.. I just need a reliable place to host my database(mySQL)


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    I have seen hosts who offer just sql hosting, so you definitely should be able to find something.
    Your best bet would be to check out the offers section in this forum or try the "find a host" option.
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    Welcome to WHT. You may try contacting a hosting company listed in the offers section and asking them what they would charge you for sql hosting. You can probably get a very reasonable price for just mysql hosting. How big is your database?
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    I wouldn't recommend checking the offers section. Just because someone posts there doesn't mean that they're a professional company.

    Realistically, you could get away with any host, as long as they offer SQL as part of their packages.

    Just curious, what's your budget?

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    They are out there as low as 3.99/mo.

    Good Luck
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    Why not just buy a hosting account and use the ones off that?

    Or even get a bunch of free accounts and use those

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