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    PR 4 Forum - 100k Banner Impressions for ONLY $ 30/mo !

    Hi there,

    I have 4 468x60 banner spots available on the website

    Below are the links to our visitor & referrer stats for the month of August:

    So Why Should you Advertise on Soccer Art ?

    + 3800 Members
    + Average of 25 new members DAILY
    + Nearly 2100 unique visitors daily
    + Nearly 44,000 pages served daily
    + Currently PR 4 - Predicted PR 5 on the next update

    Quad Rotation - 468x60

    + Site Wide Placement on the header
    + Guaranteed 100,000 impressions monthly for each banner
    + ONLY $ 30 Per Month!

    Additional Information

    + Many of the members have their own portfolio websites, most of them hosted at DeviantArt and some of them at other places.
    + Age groups, you would mainly be looking at 14-20.
    + Apart from Soccer / Graphics a lot of them have a keen interest web design and development.
    +Majority of the visitors are from the US, UK, EU and Australia.

    Payments via Paypal only. Please contact me via PM if interested or if you require additional information.

    Kind Regards.

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    Only 2 spots are left now.

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