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    Exclamation .ORG demoted to "dwarf domain" status

    CERN, SWITZERLAND -- An uproar took place in the digital world when the Internet Engineering Task Force demoted .ORG sites to the status of "dwarf domain" at its sixty-sixth official meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. IETF chairman Brian Carpenter read aloud the resolution and asked for a show of hands. The resolution passed by what Carpenter described as "a slim but decisive margin."

    The historic vote by the IETF ended years of controversy after cyber-squatters called for more top-level identifiers such as ".XXX" and ".GEO". The move threatened to add another 250 million entries to the Domain Name System (DNS).

    According to the new definition, a "domain" is (1) anything on the Internet that's massive enough to hire a professional webmaster; (2) that has a purpose of its own and is not a satellite of some other domain; and (3) that routinely clears stale content from its website. <snipped>

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    lol, i feel so sorry for Pluto...i would consider anything in our solar system that has a set orbit and has a moon ok to be called a regular planet. but yea .org is definately a dwarf

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