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    New to VPS and Have a couple questions...

    I currently use shared hosting from networksolutions and it's not that great. It seems that they are down every few days. Anyway, I have been thinking about getting a vps from I have 1 website that runs a phpbb forum and has about 300 visits a day and growing pretty good. If it would help to see stats I could post what the webalizer tells me, it's got graphs I can follow but don't really know what a lot of it means. I anticipate that this site will continue growing and I plans for 5-10 other websites. I know their are vast amounts of variables but can I expect some good performance out of a vps?

    Anyway, on to the questions.

    1. When I host other websites do I need an ip address for every domain? Or do you just point the domains to or something like that?

    2. I know the basics of linux, but not an admin by any means, is it dificult to run update the server and keep it secure? I can follow directions pretty good and seems like you could get lots of help around here. Should I even bother trying the vps or should I just find a better shared host?

    3. If you think I should just try to find a more reliable shared host, what's your ideas, I have a $50/month budget. (As the site grows the budget will grow)

    4. If a vps is a good idea, is ev1servers a good place to get one? Or do you have other suggestions.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Welcome to WHT coralnutz,

    1. You do not NEED a IP for every domain unless you want. If you wanted to view your website from an IP address, then you would need to have a dedicated IP for that site. Dedicated IP's are ideal for SSL's and are good in the event a DoS attack comes about as you can easily track down the attacked domain. But no, you do not need a IP per domain, however it's completely up to you if you choose to do so, or if you have a purpose to do it.

    2. Well, most VPS providers these days offer managed services, so I'm sure your provider will be able to assist you, or give you instructions if you wish to do it yourself. If you see that your forum is constantly growing, I would say you need either a mid-level VPS or dedicated server, and go from there.

    3. Well, it sounds like you are not satisfied with the performance of your current host, Network Sol. If I had that budget, I would move to another provider who can guarantee you the uptime you deserve. You should be able to find a decent provider with your budget.

    4. There are several VPS providers out there. I would do searches and comparsions, and see which one will better suite your needs with your given budget. You can also try the VPS Offers forum.

    Hope this helps
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    Just thought to add a couple of things to the extensive reply of Virpus-Ken.

    2. The best thing to do in your case, would be to go for a fully managed VPS, so you wouldn't need to worry about updating your server and keeping it secure.

    3. Yes, $50 US or a little more should give you a nice entry level VPS.

    As long as your forum doesn't get extremely busy and you don't use too many scripts which are heavy on mysql, you should be fine with a VPS. If you need more system resources then you should think about getting a small dedicated server instead.
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    I would recommend considering a small dedicated box for production use. I can't say it enoguh..I've seen it first hand...if you plan on having a resource hog like Cpanel on a not use this vps for production hosting.

    If you can get buy without Cpanel...maybe...for awhile...but don't automatically assume a vps is a upgrade from most is anything but.


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    Having a dedicated server would ensure better performance in 1 sense or another. If you got a budget, then go for VPS

    Virpus is good for their VPS server. Gonna get 1 account from them soon.

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