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    Managed Cpanel Servers at Softlayer

    Why Softlayer?

    1. Softlayer's private VLAN feature allows ConnectYourWeb to consolidate its resources. This means backup servers (SAN) with minimal transfer cost and great transfer speeds for backup data.

    2. Remote reboot option via the softlayer management portal

    3. Serial console via IPMI card via softlayer management portal.

    4. high quality equipment.

    What's the deal with management at ConnectYourWeb?

    1. We'll do kernel upgrades for you at your request. (compiled from source)

    2. We'll compile php from source if cpanel hasn't updated easyapache yet.

    3. We'll fix your server when cpanel screws it up.

    4. We won't complain if you run cpanel edge build.

    5. We'll secure your server as often as you'd like.

    What Operating System will be installed?

    after your order is processed we will ask you if you would like CentOS 4 32 bit or RHEl 4 32 bit installed.

    Can I get some free backup space?

    You sure can. In fact all of our managed dedicated servers come with 50 GB of backup space.

    Where can I check out the server packages?

    What if I have a presales question?

    email sales at sales [at]

    My order was rejected, Why?

    ConnectYourWeb is not taking orders form the following countries:

    vietnam, korea, china

    Stay Smart on Labor Day,
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