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    What to learn next?

    Here is what I know and what I can create:

    + Variables
    + Arrays
    + MySQL basics (accessing, updating, selecting, echoing things in a database)
    + OOP (Still learning it but I understand it all)
    + md5 hashing
    + regex
    + Loops and if-then-else statements
    + Program readablity
    + Functions
    + mail()
    + SQL Injection and XSS (I know the basics and how to avoid most of it)

    What I can create:
    + CMS with registration/login, news posts and comments, edit/view profiles, friend system
    + Contest script that allows people to register, and picks a random member

    What else is there to learn? I know that when I read there's a lot of things on there I don't understand but I don't know where to turn next.

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    Object persistent, XML, web services, SOA stuff.

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    Advanced SQL.

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    More specific then just advanced, Im not sure what consititutes advanced and what I need to learn/etc.

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    learn AJAX + php!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaitech
    More specific then just advanced, Im not sure what consititutes advanced and what I need to learn/etc.
    You won't learn anything untill you encounter a task that requires advanced can try and find college exams regarding SQL and rewrite them to fit MySQL.

    There are variety of things to learn, table joins (and why they are handy), indexes (what they are, when to use them, types), table types (advantages, disadvantages), how databases actually work, unions, subqueries, views, triggers, stored procedures etc.

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    search engine optimization, some ajax to smoothen up your sites, some javascript, and the basics of what makes a good website. and also the above about advanced mysql, and how to optimize your queries.

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    Frankly speaking I don't know much on the programming side but I know some good things about search engine optimisation. But I am planning to undergo course of PHP and Ajax that will help in enhancing my knowledge further about the websites.

    With regards,
    Mandar Thosar

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    Making dynamic images via php is always fun, but i agree with the people saying ajax, i've been meaning to learn that some more myself

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    I suggest learning PHP classes.
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    Learn how to do that list of things in a new language?

    It will just reaffirm your understanding of the more basic principals of programing and the interaction with clients and dbs, rather than new techniques in PHP.

    Might also give you a fresh view-point on the same topics. I'm not saying become as-good in another language as you already are in what ever you know now, just dip your feet so to speak.

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    learn anything you dont know !

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    software design/architecture. It is easy to do something - not always so easy to integrate it into a massive existing system. good oo and modular design are crucial in enterprise level web apps.

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    Best thing to do, post in the advertisement section looking for small php projects to build your experience and also to introduce you to new areas

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    I suggest learning about how to work with XML and SOAP. Also try to write some applications that interact with common APIs (google, youtube, etc).

    Also learn how to use template engines, they will make a lot of tasks easier.

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    If you don't know OOP, go with that. Also take a look at all the classes PEAR has to offer.

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