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    I am currently taking offers for the following domain:


    'CSS templates' receives 3699 searches from the search engine in July according to Overture tool (exclude Google).

    From Google Trends, CSS templates searches are increasing year after year:

    This domain is still valid for one year and its registered with Godaddy.

    I am now accepting offers (high $xx onwards) for this great domain.

    Feel free to let me know if you are interested.
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    if interested in developing for adsense revenue, i would develop, an populate with 300 plus css templates. i think it would garner more money in sale if you had a developed popular site. You would retain your domain, and i would ask for 50% of the adsense income, and 50% of the sale price of the site excluding the domain price. Think about it, i think youd profit better in the end.

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    try for the domain sales - i have sold like 12 on there and gotten alot of great offers - just get it appraised at and then throw it up in the TDNAM system. you would be amazed at the people that will see it there!!!

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