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    ResellerZoom End User Support?

    Has anyone had any experience with ResellerZoom's end user support?

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    The end user support, as fasr as we know, is provided by the same people as those who operate the support of their web site. To try it why not send a message to their support department, for sales.

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    You may ask the ResellerZoom Support by placing a ticket if they do that.
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    Umm. From what I hear and have witnessed their support is pretty top notch. I have been with them and get a quick turn around on tickets in less than an hour.

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    I would agree with the others. There is no better way to test response times and general atomsphere of the provider other then sending a ticket in for yourself. You also may want to try the Search feature at the top of WHT and see what other experiences with Reseller Zoom End User support has been.
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    In my experience, it was good. It was easy to set up, and the people providing the support were the same people providing support to me as the reseller. They always answered quickly, though at times their answers were a little like canned responses, or a bit too vague. But I've found that to be true of most hosting companies. For the price, it's a very sweet deal.

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    i am considering resellerzoom too. does anybody here have a more updated review of them especially the end user support? they are in my top list as of today.. but wanted to get feedback from recent customers before i try their sales support. thanks!
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    I have used resellerzoom, and as much as it pains to praise competitors, they are very good, don't use their budget plans though. Support was good when i tested them, and servers are usually not full with hundreds of accounts (except on the budget plan).. Good luck in your decision.
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    I am a reseller of reseller zoom, they support very good.

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