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    Hello guys
    Today i am selling my autopilot license , i dont need it anymore and i decided to sell it , I am welling to sell it for 90$ no less than this price , if you are intersting about getting it please send me a pm or post a reply here .
    I will accept payment from paypal account and it has to be verfied.


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    Please contact WHMAP and request to have this license verified. You need to give them the URL of this thread, and they will post here to say it's allowed to be transferred or not.

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    Yes sir i aleady did that , and i am waiting for them


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    The transfer of this license has been approved.

    The purchaser and seller will need to contact me directly, after purchase, to handle the transfer of license to a new domain/IP address.

    In communication, please reference the following number:


    That is the approval number for transfer of this license.

    ALL communication after the sale must be done through our helpdesk for proper tracking..

    Contact after the sale must be made since the license number that is being transferred is 'disabled' after the sale and a new one is issued to the new owner. This is to prevent 'mulit-sales' of the same license.

    Please note that this approval is for a Version 2 license reissued. If the buyer prefers to utilize Version 3, an activation fee will be applied that would activate the V3 license and extend support & updates for 6 months of continuous service.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks alot MR Brandee

    The license still avaiable

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    Price reduced to 80$


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