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    Bad Experience with third party Cart Server

    I'm here because I am looking for a reliable and honest third party cart server.

    I have been using the same third party cart server for years. Now I learn from one of my customers that this cart-server company is stealing my customer information and credit card information.

    Here's how this sleazy little scam works. I have my own web site. However, when my customers do a BUY IT NOW, it sends it sends the information to the third party cart server. When they do a check out, it transfers them to the thrid party site, seamlessly of course. They enter their name, address, CC information and the information about their order is recorded. We get notified via email that there is an order to pick up. We sign in to the "SECURE" ???? cartserver with our ID and password and retrieve the order along with the customer info. and the Credit Card information.

    Well this cartserver company has aligned themselves with some outfit that sells some type of service that has to do with travel information. The cartserver company has appeneded to something to my code which generates a pop-up ad that appears after MY CUSTOMER has completed his/her transaction.

    This pop up ad asks if they want a $10 coupon off of their next order with my company !! They are snatching the url ! What the customer doesn't realize is if they say YES, the small print says they agree to be signed up with this travel service, and have an automatic billing of $9.95 per month placed on their credit card.

    Then they go into the cartserver that I am leasing, and steal my customers name, address, and credit card information. When one of my customers called and asked this company what this charge was for, they said they got the credit card information from my company. YES they got it, but not because I had any knowledge, they simply stole the information. Well my customer was upset with me because they thought I was involved in this scam.

    I wrote the cart server company and told them to be prepared for the wrath of God because I will do whatever it takes legally to insure this never happens to anyone again.

    I told them leasing your cartserver service is just like leasing me an apartment. You have NO right to go into my apartment, or my cartserver and steal anything.

    I tell you I am so sick of all the scams on the internet I could puke!

    On the other hand, after having some negative experiences with web hosting companies, mostly high prices and poor customer service, and the refusal of the web hosting company to make their site PCI compliant so it would pass the security screening required by credit card companies, i went in search of a new webhosting company about a year ago. I found what I consider to be the best web hosting company ever. And NO I don't own the company, nor do I have any stock or other financial interest.

    The company is I initially chose them because they said they were PCI compliant, which was really important to me.

    I was totally amazed when the first time I needed customer support, I was contacted by the owner, Ariel, and this person knocked themselves out to help me understand what I was doing wrong.

    The control panel of this site is so intuitive, and anytime you get stuck, you just email Ariel, and he is there Johnny on the spot. It's like he sits by his computer 24/7 waiting to be of service to his clients.

    It has been a long time since I have experience this level of customer support. I can't say enough good things about this hosting company, just like I can't say enough bad things about this other third party cartserver company.

    If anyone has had good service and experiences with a legitimate and honest third party cartserver please let me know!



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    What was the third party cart software you used?

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    Email me cop704 at yahoodotcom and I will tell you.



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