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Thread: Serious logo?

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    Serious logo?

    I wanted to create a brand image, logo for my hosting business. I was thinking along the lines of a cartoon animal, the sort of thing you might see on childs TV programmes. Exaggerated features and such.

    What I fear is, will people look at the logo and think "Hmm, this isn't serious" and walk away?

    The logo will be different, creative and stick in peoples heads, it will be a proper "Oh yeh, that's the XYZ companies logo". Sort of like HostGator and their Crocodile.

    What do people think, can a amusing creative logo put people off?

  2. This is a hard question to answer. You should put a poll up. I would be interested in seeing peoples opinions.

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    Can't add a poll now.

    I was thinking, that even if the logo isn't serious, a comical logo, if the rest of the site didn't carry the logos theme it would be ok. Such as a formal site layout and design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plasma Badger
    Can't add a poll now.
    Sure you can, just open thread tools at the top of this thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by anon-e-mouse
    Sure you can, just open thread tools at the top of this thread
    Aha! Thanks, poll added.

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    It obviously works in terms of brand recognition or there wouldn't be so many companies in every product market doing it. And it's probably not much of a factor in the customers decision to use your service - unless the sight of the mascot is repulsive :-)

    You might want to do a thorough trademark search on it, and trademark it when your done.

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    I think it depends on over all target market. That would go best for targeting a certain crowd. HostGator has a very brandable gator on there logo and it has not hurt there rep (in my opinion)

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    We have had no problem with our cartoon rooster. We actually get comments on how cool and unique it is.

    Going into this, we wanted a name you would never forget, weither they like us, hate us, etc, they will always know our name, and "Rodney the Rooster".
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    We have a cartoon character as part of our logo and actually use this character throughout our website in different poses. I guess it really depends on your target market and also your website layout.
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    Thanks guys, really happy to see 2 good examples, especially Rodney the Rooster.

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    People will not take you seriously only if you give them reason not to. Then an unusual logo can become a huge liability. But if you provide a great service then a logo like that can have great benefit.

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    We've just went through a rebranding of our company and our new logo is a cartoon character. Out of all the feedback we have had, only one person thought it was unprofessional, every other person thought it either didn't make a difference overall or that it was a good change. It goes the other way though as well, in the past we had some comments about our site looking too professional.

    Some people will not take you seriously, others will. With the majority of people knowing major brands with less than serious names/logos, I personally think it's accepted by most people now.

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    I believe it all depends on your branding, targeting and what kind of image you want to give for yourself. A good example would be HostGator, their logo seems very nicely made and they've stuck with it ever since the beginning. I'd do a bit of research and come up with few concepts before sticking to one.

    Good luck
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    As long as its part of a marketing strategy involving all things representing your brand (website, print media ads, banner ads etc) theres no reason it should cause people to think you are not serious (provided its used tastefully). Look at Geico's success with that lizard, and insurance is pretty serious business.
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    As long as it's tastful, I think it will be a great benefit.

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