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    Just a few suggestions

    1. On the WHT main page, put the email address that will give the quickest response to the moderator on duty.

    2. Allow users to DELETE their own posts and threads. Could save WHT much bandwidth and make the forum easier to read.

    3. a. Allow users to MODIFY their own polls.

    b. Have a rating thing instead of polls, such as rate the following 1-10. Seems more interesting and beneficial to me. For example, instead of something akin to "What is most important in a host... Speed, Reliability, or Support"; I'd rather see something like "Rate the following in order of importance to you when looking for a host... Speed, Reliability, and Support" and rate them 1, 2, or 3 with 1 being the most imporant.

    c. If we are going to have polls, make a separate forum for them. Though, I doubt if many would go to them if you did that.

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    Re: Just a few suggestions
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