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    Zen cart in ICDsoft

    Is it ok for Zen cart to host in ICDSoft? Does anyone have bad experience on it?


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    I think the best bet would be to ask them that question, as they will be able to give you the answer.

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    Yes, asking them wilbe the best and surest way to get your question answered.

    Are you asking if we had bad experience on Zen cart or ICDSoft?

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    Thanks. I meaned that do you had bad experience on hosting Zen cart in ICDSoft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemanchai
    Thanks. I meaned that do you had bad experience on hosting Zen cart in ICDSoft?

    Honestly...since one person may have a good experience with a certain provider, the next may not.
    You really should narrow a list of about 4 or 5 providers and then email them yourself with some pre-sales questions. Dont take the word of this forum alone!!

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    Thanks Martie. Actually I already asked bluehost, lunarpages and ICDSoft some questions about hosting. As you know that they always hide some details such as the cpu load time not more than 30s, no more than 20 processes at one time, no more than 30 connections at one time in mySql server, etc. That's why I want to know anyone has bad experience on this kind of thing. ICDSoft has a local support team in my place, so I prefer it right now in my host list.

    Your suggestion and experience are welcome and important for me to consider what host is good. Please share in this thread. Thanks.

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