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    Different Class C Addresses


    Looking for a dedicated server company who can provide different class c addresses for ips. Anyone have suggestions for a reliable host with this capability?


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    You will want to go directly to a datacenter. Datacenters will usually have more than one class c block of ips. I would recommend ev1servers or hivelocity.

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    Why would you need different IP classes? That would only make us think of 1 thing and it won't last too long.. Do you have a specific reason for this?

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    Well, in the possible defense of the OP, this can also be a registrar requirement (nameservers must be in different /24s - AKA "Class Cs"). Of course, it generally is an excuse for SPAM, er - I mean SEO, purposes.
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    softlayer seems provide main ip and secondary ips in different c classes.

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    Hi, appreciate the responses and have found a reliable company that does indeed offer this so it is available. As one of the responders mentioned there are cases where one needs different Class C addresses. I was simply asking the question because of the nameserver issue and was previously told on another forum that

    "you need Nameservers in 2 different class-c nets" and was trying to find a resource here."

    Had no idea that there would be so many folks ready to jump to a conclusion before understanding the reason for the question. I wouldn't know how to misuse this anyway, but I guess there are those here that would....

    Thanks for the posts.

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