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    Content Submitter Needed (Do not need to upload content)

    Im looking for a person to submit MY content to other site's link dumps.
    I have a list of about 30 link dumps that you will have to submit 4 different videos to. The content that you will be submitting will be provided for you, you simply have to copy/paste the URL, title and description, and upload the thumbnail where required (thumbnail is provided as well).

    You will need to do this daily.

    Please PM me with your monthly asking price for this service. I will pay via Paypal.

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    PM sent,
    here's short
    to generally figure our rates

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    I have lots of guys coming to my site on this subject, but none of you
    contacted me.

    If you have any questions and don't want to mail me - please ask there.

    i'm also about shooting few new my sites about site promotion and quick site building services, anyone interested - send me PM/mail and i'll notify you about that

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