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    Question How/when does 1and1 bill? I transferred domain without paying

    After reading good things about 1&1, I decided to move a couple of my domain registrations there. I moved my first domain there a couple months ago and even though I have a couple complaints (like the fact I think their control panel is unintuitive and it seems to take 24-hours for ANY kind of change to my account to go into effect) they price is right and the Private registration portion is included.

    So, last month (Aug) I decided to move another domain. I went through the process and, when I got to the end, was surprised to see that there was no screen asking me to enter credit card info or even with a total. I figured that maybe 1&1 waits until the transfer takes place before billing me... or maybe they'd just bill my credit card on file... or maybe there would be a charge under my 'billing' info... or maybe there'd be something listed under my 'expense tracker'... but none of those are true.

    The domain is now at 1&1, it's no longer at my old registrar, it's been renewed for another year, I have control of it through my 1&1 control panel, but there have been no charges, no invoices, no bills, no nothing.

    Anybody here use 1&1 who can shed some light on how they do their billing or when I'll be charged?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankieG
    After reading good things about 1&1, I decided to move a couple of my domain registrations there.
    Okay, after doing a couple searches, it's clear that the 'good things' I had read about 1&1 were from newbies who I shouldn't have been listening to. It's now clear to me that 1&1 is not somebody I should be registered with and that, apparently, they bill on a monthly basis.

    So, no need to tell me I screwed up by transferring my domains there. But I'm still curious about people's billing experiences. Since the transfer was started and completed last month, I figured I'd be billed/charged by now.


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    LOL 1&1 bills you whenever they feel like it and sometimes they forget they already do and bill you again i got $20.00 in bills for 1 domain that was 1.99 and i kept it on the same account. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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