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    Good Billing Scripts

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if anybody could recommend some good billing scripts for internet services?

    I don't like Modernbill or ClientExec so these are out of the question..

    I'm after something which is able to handle sales of a number of different services which are ordered via forms on a website and has a good interface to display stat's and manage the various aspects of billing. Preferably with paypal payment processing and cPanel/WHM automatic setup capabilities.

    Basically, a decent billing system that does the job well without huge costs.

    I've not heard of many other billing scripts so if anybody could recommend some that'd be great!



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    Did you try WHM AutoPilot?
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  3. What is wrong with ModernBill and Client Exec? Those are probable the two most popular with the most features. I would also say Client Exec is the cheapest if your going on price.

    Maybe if you told us what you don't like with them we would be able to reccomend something you would like.

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    I don't like modernbill because I find their interface very messy/complicated and the config seems messy too. People have told me how the recent version is also quite slow and irritating and from trying it out I didnt enjoy it at all. To me it doesnt seem to be all that customisable either. It's also fairly expensive.

    As for ClientExec, i've had less experience with this but from what i've seen it's also not too customisable (primarily the ordering forms) and i've also heard here & there about various bugs and issues. Im also not sure how well it is with handling other services like sales of dedicated servers or shoutcast servers (I wouldnt need automatic setup with these though), maybe i'm wrong and it might be a good one to use.

    As for WHM Autopilot, not had a good impression of that from before but recently tried their latest demo and i'm liking it.

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    How's about to take a look on Ubersmith ( ? It seems very promising.

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    IMO, whmautopilot is very good, but it can not do shoutcast etc, shared and reseller hosting yes, but thats it. It is good though. For automatic setup for stuff like shoutcast , i have no idea that even such a thing exsists
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    Thanks ill take a look at ubersmith. As for things like shoutcast & dedicated servers, I don't require automatic setup for these other services, so long as I can bill for them that's all I need, so really for this it would have to have the option of offering a custom service/package which doesnt include hosting account options. So long as it takes their contact details, takes their money for it and puts it in a queue to be processed or something thats fine as i'd do the rest like setup

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    Try Ubersmith

    I would definitely recommend Ubersmith. I've used ModernBill, ClientExec and WHMAP before using Ubersmith, and Ubersmith has met my needs perfectly. It looks beautiful. And they offer a 7 day free trial in addition to fully functional demos on their website, so that you can evaluate it before you make the leap.

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    Ubersmith looks very good indeed, does anyone know how well this can handle paypal? I've heard it supports one-off payments but not subscriptions yet

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    Paypal works well with Ubersmith and we have had no issues. But no it does not support the PP Subscriptions yet.
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    Using ClientExec and I find it intergrates nicely with my support desk and control panel.

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