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    Positive review of! Superb web host

    I have around 20 domains, hosted at different places. I was searching for a web host that allowed Adult content, was affordable and reliable. I then found a company called who offered superb bandwidth and disk space for as little as $9 per year - amazing price. Since signing up for their budget plan I have monitored the service, support, speed of server and uptime. Here are my findings:

    Support - SUPERB, and friendly, the live chat was helpful and solved every question/issue I had. Which mainly involved help installing scripts (something they didnt need to do). They even emailed me personally after having a problem with the domain name nameservers, asking if everything was ok.
    Service - Fast installation and set up, so far its been a superb a host.
    Server speed - perfect.
    Uptime - 100% so far.

    I highly recommend!

    Thanks, (Adult content so be aware!)

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    They must be a great host. Try opening their page

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    Ye i am defo going to go with them :/ i think they should pay their bills ^_^.

    MSN = [email protected]

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    Looks like just a reseller of Is your web site suspended also?

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    their domain name tells the amount of professionality they have

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    Quote Originally Posted by WN-Ali
    Looks like just a reseller of Is your web site suspended also?

    Nope, cuddlygirls is most certainly online. And the girls are REALLY cuddly. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
    Over 20 Global Locations - Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, US, CA, EU - Bare Metal and Virtual Cloud. All Managed.
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    We are Professional. Painless. Polite.

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    Well that's unfortunate. Such a nice review and yet you can't even visit the hosts website. Hopefully they can get that taken care of soon. Good luck with your website!
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    I didn't think it could get any worse after using the name "xxtreme," and then adding a hyphen. I guess I was wrong...

    At 09/04/06, his nameservers were with xxtreme-host, on 09/09/06, they're at qoozz. Apparently xxtreme-host didn't work out too well.

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