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    Where do you get a site builder?

    I see a lot of webhosts providing free sitebuilders with their services. My question is, where can I get one? Is there any place that licences them? Thanks.

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    when they say that are you sure its not just a glorified version of fantastico or fantastico itself?

  3. There are many sitebuilders out there. One that comes to mind is sitestudio:

    The cost of sitestudio is $1.50 per user. Your first purchase must be for at least 100 users.

    Also, if you are using cpanel/WHM with RvSkin you can check into the rv sitebuilder. It is also a very pupular choice.

  4. #4 is the best solution I have seen.
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    Never tried it but seen them advertise within a magazine:

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHU-Mike
    Never tried it but seen them advertise within a magazine: is very expensive if I remember correctly.

    Why not check the website as their sitebuilder is very good and cost competative.


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    Plesk servers have built in site builders.
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    I believe is very affordable and very suitable for small hosts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e-places
    Plesk servers have built in site builders.
    Same here

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    There are few sites which provides your good sitemanagement system. - for sitebuilder - for sitestudio - for dotnetnuke ( this is used in the windows server).

    Also the fantastico scripts has many site management softwares which you can install and use efficiently.

    Thank you.


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