Heya folks...

Ive recently made a handy little script in asp.net that im wanting to expand on, but due to lack of knowledge/experience I really dont know how to take this forward.

My script collects news headlines from around the internet and lists for the user/visitor to view, the headlines are all linked to their original source so if someone clicks on one of the headlines then they are taken to the news item.

What I want is to make this a publically available service to webmasters... so a webmaster could signup to my site, pick a 'genre' of news and then be given some copy/paste code to add to their site which will then use my script to automatically look for and link to news items.

Basically though I have nnnnooooooooo idea how I should be going about this, my only idea was to have my script update an XML file with the info of the news items... and then have a copy/paste piece of javascript that would read and display the info from the XML file.

How feasible is this option... is it something thats possible to do? Also does anyone else have a different theory on how to allow other webmasters use this service Ive made?