Give your customers more options at the checkout, and complete the sale!

Donít lose sales at the very last minute! Give your customers more payment options!

Giving your customers more options at checkout might just be the difference between completing the sale and losing it to one of your competitors.

Simplify the checkout process for customers who obviously want to purchase your merchandise. With todayís world of basic point and click; the easier it is for someone to get what they want, the happier it makes them. A lot of people buying online just want to select the item desired, checkout, and pay. Sending them to a third party processor where they have to sign up for an account in order to pay for merchandise from YOUR site can be a real turn-off to some online buyers. Why risk losing the sale? Lose the limitations and sign up for a merchant account with ArielHost & Applied Merchant. We provide real payment processing solutions for real businesses.

Applied Merchant isnít here to hit you with complicated hidden fees. ArielHost has partnered with Applied Merchant to bring you the exclusive offer of the low monthly fee of $29.95 and 2.29% plus $0.25 per transaction. Thatís it. No set-up fees, no gateway fees.

Visa and MasterCard acceptance are included with all of our merchant accounts. We also have special enrollment programs for American Expressģ and Discoverģ. Give your business credibility and allow your customers to purchase directly from your business website.

A full-service merchant account at an amazingly low cost to you Ė what do you have to lose?

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