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    Namecheap IP on blacklists

    This is not exactly a domain name question, but it is about a service provided by a domain name registrar, so I thought this domain would be nonetheless the right place to ask it.

    For several domain names I use namecheap's e-mail forwarding, which is offered by them for free for domains not using external DNSs.

    When I tested these domain names against spam databases I got these results:

    In reply to a question about a previous incident namecheap wrote that this is the result of ISPs using "crude IP blocking services".

    Is this true? And given these results, how likely am I to experience problems because of these listings?

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    The IP address you've tested and run against the Spam databases doesn't seem to be the IP address of a mail server.

    Type the IP directly into a browser and you'll see that it's a http redirect server.

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    These are the results I get when I entering the domain name in (for instance) domaintools whois lookup. The "Blacklist Status" in the result says "Currently Listed (history)", and the link lead to these results. So what I am trying to understand is what this means and whether this may have any implications on the way my e-mails may be treated.

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